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Accelerating the modernization of IT infrastructure across government.

The Centers of Excellence

These centers are embedded in each agency and may change or grow to fit the needs of different sectors of government.

This is a significant step forward in the government’s commitment to improve citizens’ lives.”
— Chris Liddell, White House Deputy Chief of Staff
The Centers of Excellence have come in and started a positive cultural intervention at USDA.”
— Gary Washington, USDA CIO
The Centers of Excellence will deliver benefits to the American people for many years ahead.”
— Jared Kushner, Sr. Advisor to the President

Latest Update

May 28, 2019
How to Measure Contact Center Performance

A Contact Center is the bridge between your organization and your customers. Empathizing with your customers and resolving their issues in a timely and effective manner are crucial to an organization’s success. Studies have shown that positive customer experiences drive enhanced/or improved outcomes for businesses and governmental organizations alike, with promising results in metrics such as increased customer trust in the organization. From a customer experience standpoint, here are 4 tips for measuring the success of your organization’s Contact Center performance:

1) Capture simple and straightforward metrics on Customer Experience by calculating a Customer Satisfaction Score. A quick survey with a 1-5 satisfaction ranking scale is the easiest way to collect high-level customer feedback. A survey also provides a starting point for identifying areas for improvement. Contact Centers should ideally strive to achieve 4 or 5 ratings on 90% of their customer interactions.

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