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Approach & Team Structure

The CoE partner with agencies to co-create their modernization initiatives. The CoE teams are embedded on-site, lead delivery, and require autonomy to drive results.

Objectives and Solution Competencies

The GSA Centers of Excellence (CoE) were established to accelerate IT modernization across government to improve the public experience and increase operational efficiency.

To accomplish these objectives, the CoE centralize top government tech talent, leverage private-sector best practices, and operate with a teaming mindset to collaborate across government departments and agencies. The CoE has teams focus on six functional areas:


The CoE engage in a phased approach:

Team Structure

The teams are intentionally designed to have a unique blend of our customer detailees, GSA, and industry partners to deliver innovative solutions leveraging best practices and multiple perspectives. The success of the Centers of Excellence depends on our ability to identify and harness best practices within and outside of government.

To inform our approach and refine our processes, we regularly meet with agencies and industry partners to discuss their successes and challenges. If you are interested in learning more about the Centers of Excellence or discussing tools or solutions, please reach out to us at The CoE teams are made up of Leads, Champion and Detailees, and Industry Partners