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Community of Practice: Customer Experience

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Customer Experience is at the forefront of modernization efforts across the federal government, leveraging design methods to help build a foundation for improved customer experiences for all people.

About the Customer Experience Community of Practice

The Customer Experience Community of Practice (CX CoP) unites federal employees to improve the experience that the American public has with government services, organizations, and agencies. This community exists to:

  • Increase the professional capabilities of members;
  • Highlight successful CX work happening across government;
  • Create tools and resources for agencies to integrate into their practices;
  • Learn from government and industry experts;
  • Create a collaborative and cohesive community for all federal CX professionals to share and learn from one another; and
  • Provide an interactive and supportive network across government.


The CX CoP regularly hosts events for government-wide audiences designed to build community, expand CX knowledge, and share successes and failures to better serve the American public.

Join our listserv to access event updates and invitations.

“I really want to learn from what others are doing and build a culture where we communicate and evangelize CX.”

— Federal CX Practitioner

Join the CX CoP!

Any federal employee interested in customer experience is welcome to become a member of the CX CoP. Through the CX CoP listserv, members receive information about how to:

  • Join monthly community meetings
  • Attend virtual trainings & events
  • Connect with their peers through the CoP’s listserv
  • Contribute to the development of valuable resources for the federal CX community
  • Share feedback on CoP content and events

To join our listserv, email with an empty subject line.

Note: Federal government employees only are eligible to join.

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