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Artificial Intelligence

Accelerates adoption of Artificial Intelligence to discover insights at machine speed.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) CoE enables agencies to develop AI solutions to meet unique business challenges by incorporating machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, intelligent process design, and robotic process automation (RPA) across the organization. The AI COE provides strategic tools and infrastructure support to rapidly discover use cases, identify applicable artificial intelligence methods, and deploy scalable solutions across the enterprise.

Service Offerings

  • AI Assessment Of Governance & Enablers
  • Use Case Discovery & Selection
  • Workflow Mapping & Process Automation
  • Lean Innovation Process Design
  • AI Solutions Identification & Implementation

Service Catalog

The AI COE developed a set of services to assist partner organizations in establishing innovation processes to quickly identify AI use cases, select technology and acquisition practices to prototype solutions, and transition prototypes into scalable, production-ready technical solutions. These innovation processes are supported by enablers that cultivate mature AI program support, governance, and enterprise integration:

  • AI Maturity Assessment & Strategy Development
  • Path-to-ATO Analysis
  • Use Case Prioritization Models
  • Rapid AI Solution Prototyping
  • Training Data Sourcing
  • AI Explainability & Traceability Processes
  • AI Technology Roadmap