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Community of Practice: Government Contact Center Community (G3C)

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Government contact centers are often the primary means of communication between an organization and its customers. In government, customer experiences in contact centers often set expectations for satisfaction and trust across the customer experience. Simply put, the voice of the organization and the customer is fostered across the contact center experience.

About the G3C

The G3C is a collaborative interagency group of contact center professionals that work together to improve the performance, experience, and efficiency of government contact centers across federal, tribal, state, and local agencies.

The G3C brings leaders together to explore methods of service delivery that improve customer experience. The community’s mission is to share information and news, identify contact center best-in-class practices, and evaluate evolving contact center technologies.

G3C’s educational forums and discussions help members find innovative methods to improve the customer experience with their agency’s contact centers. Members share ideas, ask questions, and request assistance on their agency’s projects through our community listserv. All federal, tribal, local, and state government employees working towards best-in-class contact centers are invited to join the G3C.


G3C hosts monthly meetings to connect with colleagues across agencies, learn about each other's best practices in contact center operations and share success stories and lessons learned implementing new or innovative tools or technologies. The community also hosts educational webinars, and networking events. Access to events are shared through our listserv.

Join Us!

Any federal, state, local, or tribal employee is welcome to become a member of the G3C. Through the G3C listserv, members can:

  • Join Monthly community meetings
  • Attend virtual trainings & events
  • Connect with their peers through the CoP’s listserv

To join, email with nothing in the subject.

Note: Federal, state, local, and tribal government employees only are eligible to join.

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