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Centers of Excellence

The Centers of Excellence (CoE) are agile, IT modernization teams designed to modernize agency infrastructure in a repeatable, scalable manner based on best practices, identified by industry and internal government stakeholders.

Our History

The Office of American Innovation (OAI) established the GSA CoE in October 2017 to accelerate IT modernization across government to improve the public experience and increase operational efficiency. The CoE teams provide technical expertise in support of the following areas: artificial intelligence, cloud adoption, contact center, customer experience, data analytics, and infrastructure optimization. IT Modernization is a key driver of the President's Management Agenda (PMA).

The CoE value industry as an important partner in our work and seek to partner with industry to take what’s been done in the private sector and apply it to, or replicate it in, government. Our phases of work are performed by a mix of federal employees and private industry.

Latest Updates

CoE IT modernization projects are already providing agencies with costs avoidance and improving the quality of government services to customers and other stakeholders. Find updates on our work at partner agencies, best practices, or progress.