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Our Team

Centers of Excellence Leadership

  • Bob De Luca
  • Brian Whittaker

Program Management Office

  • Brendan Mahoney
  • Valarie Tran
  • Rachel Jackson
  • Julie Berarducci


  • Al Munoz

Centers of Excellence

  • Cloud Adoption - Lindsay Young (Lead), Scott Finke, Mat Caughron
  • Contact Center of the Future - Meghan Daly (Lead), Dana Watts, Sudhir Surendran
  • Customer Experience - Simchah Suveyke-Bogin (Lead), Tamieca Hamlin
  • Data and Analytics - Thomas Hallaran (Lead), Amira Boland, Christopher Alvares
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization - Shawn Watson (Lead), Teresa Curtis, Morris Johnson, Therese Gallagher
Photo of Al Muñoz

Al Muñoz

Photo of Amira Boland

Amira Boland

Photo of Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson

Photo of Bob De Luca

Bob De Luca

Photo of Brendan Mahoney

Brendan Mahoney

Photo of Brian Whittaker

Brian Whittaker

Photo of Christopher Alvares

Christopher Alvares

Photo of Dana Watts

Dana Watts

Photo of Julie Berarducci

Julie Berarducci

Photo of Lindsay Young

Lindsay Young

Photo of Mat Caughron

Mat Caughron

Photo of Meghan Daly

Meghan Daly

Photo of Morris Johnson

Morris Johnson

Photo of Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson

Photo of Scott Finke

Scott Finke

Photo of Shawn Watson

Shawn Watson

Photo of Simchah Suveyke-Bogin

Simchah Suveyke-Bogin

Photo of Sudhir Surendran

Sudhir Surendran

Photo of Tamieca Hamlin

Tamieca Hamlin

Photo of Teresa Curtis

Teresa Curtis

Photo of Therese Gallagher

Therese Gallagher

Photo of Tom Hallaran

Tom Hallaran

Photo of Valerie Tran

Valerie Tran