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Innovation Adoption

Manage Change, Bolster Talent, and Adopt Modern Ways of Working

CoE Practice Areas work in conjunction with all CoE projects led by our six Centers and by offering stand-alone services to help our partners meet their modernization goals. Practice Areas offer services and expertise that are integral to the acceleration of effective, holistic transformation.

The CoE Innovation Adoption Practice combines change management, learning & development, internal communications and other disciplines designed to increase individual, team, and organizational behavior shifts. As Federal Agencies work to comply with a number of mandates to improve the digital experience for their customers, technology modernization must be fused with innovation adoption to enable organizations to successfully drive change now and into the future.

Service Offerings

  • Discover Current State & Assess Readiness for Change
  • Design the Future & Set Targets and Prepare for Transformation
  • Develop People and Improved Processes & Reposition the Organization for Modern Work
  • Deploy New Ways of Working & Accelerate Change
  • Drive Innovation Adoption & Sustain Change

Latest Updates

July 14, 2021

Introducing the CoE Innovation Adoption Practice

By the Innovation Adoption Practice

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