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Community of Practice: Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence adoption is rapidly becoming crucial for government agencies to improve service delivery and achieve their missions.

About the AI Community of Practice

The Artificial Intelligence Community of Practice (AI CoP) serves as a pivotal network for government employees engaged in or interested in artificial intelligence, bringing together over 4,400 members from over 100 federal, state, and local government agencies. Our community is dedicated to accelerating the responsible and thoughtful adoption of AI technologies across the government.

Membership is open to all government employees and mission-supporting contractors with a .gov and .mil email address. As a member, you can participate in monthly community meetings, engage in specialized working groups, attend virtual training sessions and events, and connect with peers through our community forum. Our community provides a rich platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration on AI policy, technology, standards, and programs.

Established in 2020 in partnership with the Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the AI CoP is instrumental in guiding the practical implementation of responsible AI within the U.S. government. We facilitate this through a variety of channels, including a monthly newsletter, diverse events, and active working groups.

Our vision: To embed the responsible deployment of artificial intelligence and machine learning as a fully integrated and normalized practice within the U.S. Government, enhancing efficiency, innovation, and public service.

Our mission: To cultivate a comprehensive knowledge base and an inter-agency forum that empowers the government workforce with best practices, tools, and resources for the ethical and effective deployment of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


In FY 2023, the AI CoP hosted 27 government-wide events characterized by high attendee satisfaction, which have been instrumental in providing cross-government guidance and showcasing innovative AI applications in government operations.

Community members can find past presentations & resources on our community connect page.

AI Training for Government Employees

We are dedicated to empowering government employees with essential AI knowledge and skills. A key initiative in this endeavor is our recent collaboration with Stanford University for a tailored AI training series. This program, designed to cover both fundamental and advanced AI concepts, equips our workforce with the tools needed for responsible and effective AI implementation in government services. Through such targeted training, we ensure our employees are at the forefront of AI utilization, enhancing service delivery and mission achievement.

2023 Training Series

Almost 5,000 government employees attended the 2023 AI Training series. Now, government employees can access recordings of the 2023 training sessions on our community connect page with a .gov or .mil email address. If you are a government employee who is unable to access our community connect page, please email with "Request for AI Training Links" in the subject line. They are also available for Continuous Learning Points on

2024 Training Series

Coming Soon! The next training series is being planned for the fall of 2024. This year's curriculum will be role-based with Acquisition, Leadership, and Technical tracks. Sessions will be led by George Washington University, Princeton University, and Stanford University faculty. Please join the AI CoP listserv for 2024 training updates.

Applied AI Challenges

In 2023, the AI CoP organized two Applied AI Challenges focusing on Healthcare and Large Language Models, attracting over 140 applications. These challenges highlighted innovative AI solutions and showcased how industry-government collaboration can advance AI maturity within agencies.

“The AI Community of Practice and the cross-agency collaboration it has fostered has been instrumental in providing the diversity of thought that has shaped my responsible AI work.”

— Maria Patterson, Presidential Innovation Fellow, Department of Labor

AI CoP Operations

The AI CoP offers different opportunities for members to get involved based on their unique skills and interests:

Working Groups

AI CoP Working Groups are designed to enhance the community itself. Members can join a working group to help improve the member experience and find new ways to support government workers:

  • Event Planning
  • Community Outreach
  • External Collaborations
  • Tools and Resources

Practice Areas

AI CoP Practice Areas are topic-focused groups that organize around specific areas of interest. These groups are community driven and will continue to evolve over time to meet the changing interests of our members. Current Practice Areas include:

  • Generative AI
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • AI Security
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision

Join the AI CoP!

The AI CoP is committed to evolving into a global resource ecosystem for responsible AI adoption and training. We aim to extend our collaborations with industry and academia, provide more high-value AI training sessions, and continue hosting impactful AI related events. Together we are fostering a future where AI is leveraged to enhance government efficiency and public service.

Any government employee is welcome to become a member of the AI CoP. Through the AI CoP listserv, members can:

  • Participate in working groups and practice areas
  • Attend virtual trainings & events
  • Connect with their peers

Join the AI CoP listserv by emailing with an empty subject line.

Note: Only government employees are eligible to join.

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