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July 14, 2021

Introducing the CoE Innovation Adoption Practice

By the Innovation Adoption Practice

IT Modernization is only successful when it is fully adopted. That means we have to address the human side of modernization in how it impacts people, teams, and organizations. As Federal Agencies work to improve the digital experience for the American people, IT modernization must be fused with innovation adoption to enable organizations to successfully drive change now and in the future.

Innovation Adoption at the CoE

The CoE has launched an Innovation Adoption Practice that combines change management, learning & development, internal communications and other disciplines designed to increase individual, team, and organizational shifts.

We are helping partner agencies with everything from enterprise tool adoption to standing up diverse agency-wide change networks. We advise and facilitate visioning for the future of agency IT work models, new ways of working that leverage technology and modern management practices, and how best to upskill current talent to meet the demands of current and emerging needs.

The team is serving partner agencies with a broad range of expertise and experience leading change in federal government, local government, nonprofits, and private sector companies. Training, leadership development, innovation coaching, strategic foresight, entrepreneurship, organizational performance, research and evaluation, organizational development, and strategic communications are just some of the many skills the team brings to partner agencies.

This is a big moment for us. I am extremely proud of the entire CoE team for helping our client agencies navigate the human aspects of IT modernization. I am especially proud of the Innovation Adoption Practice team for building a suite of services and solutions to meet the high demand that we are seeing for this work. -Jennifer Rostami, Acting Executive Director, IT Modernization Centers of Excellence

CoE Areas of Practice

The CoE was created to accelerate IT modernization at federal agencies by leveraging private sector innovation and government services while centralizing best practices and expertise across six functional areas.

CoE Practice Areas work in conjunction with all CoE projects led by our six Centers and by offering stand-alone services to help our partners meet their modernization goals. Practice Areas offer services and expertise that are integral to the acceleration of effective, holistic transformation. With every CoE engagement the Innovation Adoption Practice can provide services to promote successful and sustainable adoption.

To learn more about the Innovation Adoption Practice contact us or visit Follow us on Twitter @GSACoE to join our ongoing conversations about innovation in government.

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