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AI Guide for Government

A living and evolving guide to the application of Artificial Intelligence for the U.S. federal government.

Moving forward

This chapter is a first step in responsible and trustworthy AI implementation, but like the iteration and innovation occurring in AI, this will be an ongoing effort. Asking these types of questions will not solve all challenges, nor does answering them ensure compliance with any standards, guidelines, or additional principles for using AI responsibly. Practitioners must be critically thinking of these key questions, considerations, and potential risks while building or implementing AI systems.

As this space is evolving rapidly, many experts are putting considerable thought into how to implement responsible and trustworthy AI principles and embed them into the day-to-day operations of a product or project team. As authoritative literature in responsible and trustworthy AI grows and changes, it’s advantageous to stay up-to-date and look to members of the AI community, both in the public and private sector for guidance. The Technology Transformation Services Centers of Excellence look forward to helping you on this journey and will provide updates as the field grows.