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June 08, 2022

Announcing Data Governance Charter Templates

By Data & Analytics CoE

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The Centers of Excellence (CoE) has helped many agencies establish an Office of the Chief Data Officer (OCDO) and other data governance bodies. As a part of our Resources and Advisory Support collection, our Data and Analytics (DA) CoE team has released three charter templates that can help federal agencies set up data governance groups and an Office of the Chief Data Officer. We developed these charter templates based on our experiences working with chief data officers and data practitioners across the federal government. These charters are designed to help federal government agencies set up data governance bodies to better use agency data securely and strategically. Although the charter templates don’t represent or constitute official guidance, they’ll help jump start your effort to build data governance structures within your agency. Tailor them to meet your agency’s specific needs.

Charter Templates

  • Office of the Chief Data Officer (OCDO) Charter: Establishes an Office of the Chief Data Officer. It includes authorities and functions, organizational design, strategic priorities, and authorities from the Evidence Act that affect data governance.
  • Data Governance Steering Committee (DGSC) Charter: Establishes a Data Governance Steering Committee, which includes executive leadership. It aligns and coordinates resources to the agency’s most pressing data needs, does data management strategic planning, develops data policy, and coordinates data-related efforts.
  • Data Governance Advisory Group (DGAG) Charter: Establishes a Data Governance Advisory Group that includes division chiefs, managers, and data practitioners to address DGAG priorities’ data needs.

Office Hours

Join our DA Leads for office hours from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. EST on June 23, 2022 to dive deeper into your questions about data governance and these templates. Please register on Eventbrite.

CoE Resources & Advisory Support

This guide and complimentary workshops were developed as a part of CoE’s Resources & Advisory Support. Through American Rescue Plan funding, we are able to develop resources based on what we have learned through our work with over 25 partner agencies and provide them at no cost to support federal agencies undergoing technology transformation projects.

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