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October 07, 2019

How to Prepare for the OCDO, Step One of the Data and Analytics Center of Excellence Approach

By the Data and Analytics Center of Excellence

This is the second part of the new Data and Analytics CoE OCDO Series…

The General Services Administration’s Data & Analytics Center of Excellence (DA CoE) establishes goals for agency’s Data Modernization efforts including increasing data maturity, interoperability, and governance. Evolving the data and analytics maturity at any agency requires a collaborative effort between the agency’s offices and leadership to transform data into a strategic asset for the benefit of customers and the public. The DA CoE are helping establish and stand up Offices of the Chief Data Officer (OCDO) for partner agencies, which are developed in tandem with data-relevant OMB guidance and newly released legislation. Below are the preliminary steps regarding how the DA CoE works with an agency to prepare for the OCDO to ensure organizational success.

The four main steps to establishing the OCDO includes authorities for an OCDO, recommendations for an OCDO, and to operationalize one.

Caption: Develop the Plan to Operationalize the OCDO

CoE Approach: A successful OCDO requires formalized organizational alignment and expectations both within the Office and across the agency. The official charter should explicitly state the mission, vision, goals, and authorities to formalize expectations before the Office is established. In accordance with the mission and funding availability, the charter should identify necessary support roles, both technical and business focused. During onboarding of OCDO staff, and the CDO her or his-self, an agency will be able to utilize the charter as a means to fully understand the purpose of the OCDO and its employees.

The Chief Data Officer oversees the technical team and the data governance officers.

Caption: Develop Data Governance Roadmap

CoE Approach: Developing an executable Data Governance Roadmap requires understanding the current governance landscape and an assessment of enterprise-wide business requirements. Agencies should develop this roadmap prior to the establishment of the OCDO, providing a path for initial wins and preparing specific projects for the OCDO’s long-term success. Through an inclusive, agency-wide, process this gathering of information will contribute to current and future organizational data governance priorities. As the priorities emerge and are re-aligned, organizational leadership (through a formally established data governance body) should continually evaluate the mission-delivery and business enhancement outcomes these priorities will produce and assign resources to them accordingly, ensuring that timeframes and costs are taken into account.

Be on lookout for more on How to Prepare for an OCDO in our Data & Analytics CoE OCDO Series.

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