Will assist the strategic planning activities of federal agencies.

This CoE will assist agencies with the development of a unified and optimized IT infrastructure, leveraging federally owned data centers, cloud computing services, and commercial data centers (e.g. co-location).

Service Offerings

  • Architecture assessments
  • Optimization planning
  • Network consolidation
  • Data center consolidation
  • New business models e.g. co-location


  • Completed data collection for cost benefit analysis for the National Finance Center data center (per Public Law No: 115-141 Title VII §702) (April 2018)
  • Developed methodology to calculate the real estate value of data closures for the USDA data center portfolio (April 2018)
  • Of the first 19 closed, data received to date shows an estimated cost savings of 6.9-8.5M; (May 2018)
  • Held a two-day workshop with Forest Service’s Geospatial Technology and Applications Center(FS-GTAC) and Farm Service Agency Aerial Photography Field Office (FSA-APFO)(May 2018)
  • Completed data center site inspections in Dallas, TX, Albany, CA and Salt Lake City, UT (May 2018)
  • Created and submitted a Cost Assessment Analysis on FS-GTAC in Salt Lake City, UT (May 2018)